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Haircuts by children is a fantastic programme from the mammalian diving reflex company in Toronto, and last weekend it was in Birmingham, and I was extremely excited and proud to have my hair cut and styled by an eleven year old.

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.. I'm signed up to a charity bike ride in September.. please check out the blog for details.

Two articles relating to creativity now in the archive section of the articles.  The first is a report commissioned by Arts Council and Cannon, sponsors of the arts awards for young people; the second an article by Baroness Susan Greenfield in the Education Guardian.  A response to both is in the articles section of this site.

Rick Hall presented a paper at the Creative Clusters Conference in Newcastle from 5 to 8 November.  The text of the paper can be found on the articles page of this site.

Young people not doing too well again.  The survey of the western nations put the care and well being of young people in the UK at the bottom of the league. But are we really that bad? or are our young people just arsey?

Oh and I'm experimenting with 3D photos - have a look at Flickr - but you'll need a pair of 3D groovy specs first -

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